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Our company testimonials (feedbacks) from customers regarding our Omo Valley tour and travel arrangements.
In order to continually improve, our business regularly solicits feedback from previous clients regarding the quality level of the services they received. However, we were almost given a testimonial for our amazing Ethiopia tour on TripAdvisor and other travel discussion forums.

Some of our testimonials (feedbacks) from previous customers regarding our services.

Victlaham Chinese on September 2, 2017, our testimonials from Hong Kong

Hello, Dawit.
The trip was fantastic. The guides and drivers were both pleasant and helpful. There is nothing to complain about.
Thank you for making the arrangements.

On July 21, 2017, Rudinei from Ireland

Greetings, Mr. Solomon.
I’m already back in Brazil and back to work.
Thank you for a wonderful (even if somewhat brief) tour experience to Omo Valley Tours and Addis. It was very wonderful.
I didn’t receive any business cards from Mr. Daniel.
In order to promote your company, I have already given my Brazilian travel agency your information.



Paul and Nick in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia – May 2, 2016 – Tours Ethiopia

Greetings, Dawit Solomon.
May 2nd is Monday, and I’ve resumed work.

Last Friday, your driver safely returned us to Addis Ababa, and we would like to thank your company and your driver in particular for their excellent service. We appreciate you and hope to return to your lovely and welcoming country soon.

best regards

Nick and Paul (The Netherlands)

Thomas Rodriguez posted Omo Valley Ethiopia Tours testimonials on January 13, 2016.

Excellent Ethiopia Travel Planner and Consultant!
Dawit is an excellent planner and travel advisor. He provided all the information I needed and arranged a car and driver, which was very helpful with the planning of the various excursions. Furthermore, Dawit greeted us at the airport with a small package containing maps, local traveler information, and a free mobile phone SIM card. For a newcomer, this combination is ideal. Thank you for arranging our vacation, Dawit. We had a wonderful time! I recommend him to anyone planning a trip to Ethiopia. Furthermore, I discovered that it was an excellent value for money.
Rodriguez, Thomas (France)

Omo Valley Ethiopia Tours Recommendation by Fred on December 8, 2018

Dawit impressed me with his truthfulness. The services he promised to offer were all delivered. Regarding my hesitation to send money, I advise you to send him the bare minimum he requires to make arrangements and the remainder when you arrive. I’m not sure what kind of traveler you are, but I’ve been to Ethiopia twice and have explored the south (Omo valley tours are incredible, but I wish I had included Axum and the region with the “castles”). The Omo region is one of the most fascinating places I’ve visited. (I have visited over 100 countries as a curious traveler; I am currently visiting Laos and Malaysia. The Omo is as authentic as the National Geographic images I grew up with, but it is not for the diva because it is not really designed for tourists. (I am 70). The Danakil Depression is quite an adventure if you like the great outdoors and outdoor activities. However, in terms of lodging, it falls short of backpacking. If you want, I’d be happy to share some pictures and suggestions. At most, you should spend a day in Addis. I can suggest the B&B we stayed at in Addis if you’re looking for small, quaint hotels that are clean and well-kept but aren’t four-stars. Just an overnight stay is required before and after a sightseeing excursion. One of the friendliest persons you will ever meet is the owner. Let me know if you’d want more information because I enjoy traveling and sharing my experiences. Just so you know, I would highly recommend Dawit to any family member or friend. By the way, I typically reserve my own accommodations after researching on TripAdvisor and (really price line). That provides me freedom and lowers the amount of money I have to pay the trip company. Even though the tour company occasionally receives a better deal, I am prepared to pay a little bit more if required. I hope your Ethiopia Danakil adventure is enjoyable.


Sep 29, 2015, by Linda & Lisa on Omo valley Ethiopia tours

Amazing individualized tours of the Omo Valley 
Salutations, Omo Valley Ethiopia Tours Just to let you know that our tour of the Omo Valley region was fantastic. Meskel’s presence was astounding. The arranged tour guides exceeded our expectations and were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. We are eagerly awaiting our upcoming visit to your nation, which we will gladly arrange with you.
Best, Linda & Lisa (The Netherlands)

On August 28, 2015, Rodger Bablov visited Omo Valley Ethiopia Tours.
The friendliest and most knowledgeable tour guide I’ve ever had! “Last year, when we traveled to Ethiopia, Dawit served as our tour guide. We had a great time as a group and advise other tourists to visit Dawit.”
Luck to you!

Rodger Bablov (Russia)

On September 30, 2015, Demuth Rueb published a message on Omo Valley Ethiopia Tours.

It Was Such An Amazing Trip With Omo Valley Ethiopia Tours!

Hi Dawit, I wanted to send you a letter to express my gratitude for making our trip to your stunning nation so memorable. Everything was so thoughtfully set up that I almost felt like I could have stayed longer. Compared to other people, you made us feel more at home. Nothing could have gone more smoothly! Anyway,
With delight
Rueb, Demuth (Germany)

Mathew posted on September 3, 2015, in Omo Valley Ethiopia Tours.

A fantastic trip to Ethiopia with lots of cultural exposure!
My travel company for my cultural visit to the people of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia is Omo valley Ethiopia tours. I have interacted with most of the tribes and visited villages during my journey. Mogus, the driver, is a pleasant driver who is familiar with most of the attractions and even the locals. After taking the boat across, we visited the Nechisar national park and stayed in lodges and resorts. In conclusion, I could not find any issues because the Omo valley Ethiopia tours travel arrangements are carefully planned by tour planners. Everything proceeds as we agreed upon in our email to the manager. I would be happy to suggest your business to anyone considering a trip to Ethiopia.

Good times. Mathew (Ireland)

On August 28, 2014, Paula Madison published a blog entry in Omo Valley Ethiopia Tours.

We appreciate your professional travel proposal and the safety measures you are taking.
“The Omo Valley tours were a once-in-a-lifetime experience for us. Despite the complicated itinerary, everything was perfectly planned, and you were very understanding when the tour was delayed by Ethiopian Airlines. The staff members who took care of us were cordial, accommodating, and extremely knowledgeable in their field. We would be happy to suggest your business to anyone looking to travel in Ethiopia, whether it be too popular tourist destinations or the off-the-beaten-path locales. They’ll save a lot of money!”
Canadian Paula Madison 

Posted on March 16, 2015, by Mrs. Fletcher Dogg in Omo Valley Ethiopia Tours.

“Dawit Solomon, please! My trip to Ethiopia exceeded my expectations in every way. I would advise anyone to visit your nation. You are a friend as well as a guide. I had the impression that your family had welcomed us. The time was made incredibly enjoyable by your constant concern for us. Your employer should consider themselves fortunate to have you on their team. Continue your good work. I wish you and your family the best.

Fletcher Dogg, Mrs. (USA)

On February 18, 2015, Nina Oberbeck discussed Omo Valley Ethiopia Tours.

We appreciate everything you did to make our trip amazing.
Hi Dawit,
Today, after our journey through Ethiopia’s south, we arrived home. Thank you so much for making the trip so wonderful; Dereje did a great job behind the wheel, and the car was great; everything went very smoothly. We sincerely appreciate everything you did to ensure a trouble-free trip.
Once again, many thanks, and we’ll definitely be back.
Happy New Year,
Astrid Oberbeck (United Kingdom)

If you are one of our previous customers and would like to be one of our testimonials kindly send us your feedback and we will publish it as it is.  Or you can write a review about our services and arrangement on our TripAdvisor page. 

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