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Omo Valley Tours is an Ethiopian tour operator offers one-of-a-kind local-led tribal and ethnic tours that focus solely on the Omo river region in Ethiopia’s south. We’ll help you explore the Omo Valley’s most remote regions as well as its most diverse ethnic cultures, rituals, and celebrations.

Learn about the farmers, artisans, and craftspeople who are constantly striving to improve their ancestors’ craftsmanship and traditions. Using our local knowledge and experience, we consult and design remote and less traveled routes to meet your specific needs.
Omo valley tours with King Dawit Tours provide services that far exceed standard expectations. All of the team members from our company are well-versed in these topic areas and have the essential experience to help you. You’ll receive assistance from both guides and drivers on your special trip to Ethiopia.
Your specific travel needs will be met by guides and drivers, who will also help you have a varied experience of the Omo Valley. We hope to have you as our guest during your visit to the Omo Valley in the southern region of Ethiopia, and we believe we will make every effort to make your Ethiopia trip as comfortable as possible.
You and your traveling companions will have an extraordinary travel experience when you visit the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia and get to know the colorful Omo valley tribes.
Popular Omo Valley tours and excursions
What is possible in the Omo Valley is only partially shown by the tours listed below. Use these itineraries to get concepts or as a starting point. Then get in touch with us so we can assist you in designing the perfect travel plans and itineraries.
We offer well-tailored package tours to the Omo Valley tribes in Ethiopia that are planned to include visits to neighboring tribal markets and occasional activities like bull jumping and donga stick fighting.
Our Omo valley guides are very familiar and have excellent communication with the local tribes; they know how to obtain permission from tribes to take their pictures or to be with them. This will help you take better and more authentic photographs.
Join Our Omo valley Photography Tour or tribal trip to Hamer, Mursi, Karo, Bodi, Ari, Dassenech and many more

We are also supplier for Safari bookings

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    14 Days Omo Valley Tribe Tour with Visiting Harar

    14 Days Omo Valley Tribe Tour with a Visit to The Walled City of Harar Introduction The Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia has been an intersection for thousands of years for people migrating to new lands. Because of the sheer diversity of tribal groups that live in this remote area of the Great Rift Valley,…

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    3 Day Omo Valley Tours

    3 Day Omo Valley Tours from Jinka Introduction: A trip to the Omo Valley is an experience, as is meeting ancient and strong-willed tribes! The low-lying plains of southern Ethiopia are home to some of Africa’s oldest cultures; this is an exceptional cultural experience. The Omo River Valley flows quite quickly along its 470-mile length,…

  • 4 days omo valley tour

    4 Days Omo Valley Tour from Addis Ababa

    4 Days Omo Valley Tour from Addis Ababa to Jinka Introduction: Our four days Omo Valley Tour From Addis Ababa will take you to Jinka and Turmi and you will see the most dominant tribes of the Omo river valley. The Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia is a little-visited location with some of Ethiopia’s most…

  • omo valley tribes

    5 Day Omo Tribes Tour from Jinka

    5 Day Omo Tribes Tour -Omo Valley Tour from Jinka Introduction Omo Tribes: The beautiful Omo Valley, which has been isolated from the rest of the world for millennia, is home to an exciting mix of many small and distinct Omo tribes. Among those Omo tribes who have retained their own distinct customs and traditions…

  • omo valley in ethiopia

    6 Day Omo Valley Ethiopia Tour

    6-Day Omo Valley Ethiopia Tour by Flight Introduction The Lower Omo Valley Ethiopia is one of the most ethnically diverse parts that are found in the southwestern part of Ethiopia. The region is well known for the cultural diversity of over a dozen tribes. It extends over an area of 165 km2. The age-old sedimentary…

  • omo valley ethiopia

    7 Days Lower Omo Valley Tour From Arba Minch

    7 Days Lower Omo Valley Tour From Arba Minch Introduction A domestic flight to the adjacent airport town of Arba Minch is the best way to get to the Lower Omo Valley. From here, you’ll take a ride and head into the lower Omo Valley, stopping in several small towns for overnight stays while you…

  • omo tribe

    8 Days Omo River Valley Tour

    8 Day Omo River Valley Tour Through Awassa Introduction Omo River Valley is one of the world’s most ethnographically diverse places which is found in the southern Ethiopia. It was formerly a gathering place for tribes as they migrated from all over Africa, and now it is home to a variety of tribes, each with…

  • omo valley tribe

    9 Days Omo Valley Tribes Tour

    9 Days Omo Valley Tribes Tour Trip duration: 9 days. Introduction The Lower Omo Valley is a unique and captivating location in southern Ethiopia. The people who live there make the Omo Valley unique. You will come across communities here belonging to a variety of fascinating and interesting ethnic groups. The Lower Omo Valley is a…

  • omo river region

    Omo Valley Ethiopia Tribes Tour 11 Day

    Omo Valley Ethiopia Tribes Tour 11 Days Introduction The indigenous Omo Valley Ethiopia tribes live lifestyles that are undisturbed by the outside world, and they acquire everything they need from nature. The Omo Valley Ethiopia Tribes are not primitive; they simply have different beliefs and live happy and harmonious lives. We are still learning about…

  • Omo valley tribes tour

    Omo Valley Tour 8 Days

    Omo Valley Tour 8 Days Introduction Ethiopia is not just one of the continent’s most fascinating countries, but it is also culturally and geographically varied. This breathtaking trip south from the capital takes you across the Great Rift Valley and deep into the Omo Valley Tribes, home to some of the country’s most colorful and…