3 Day Omo Valley Tours

3 Day Omo Valley Tours

3 Day Omo Valley Tours from Jinka


A trip to the Omo Valley is an experience, as is meeting ancient and strong-willed tribes! The low-lying plains of southern Ethiopia are home to some of Africa’s oldest cultures; this is an exceptional cultural experience. The Omo River Valley flows quite quickly along its 470-mile length, passing through rapids and major elevation changes on its way to the southern border.

Surface transportation through 4WD

Round Inter-city flights (Addis Ababa – Jinka)

Trip Highlight

  • On our 3 Day Omo Valley Tours from Jinka you will visit the Omo River valley tribes including the Ari, Mursi, Karo, and Hamer tribes.
  • Visit the Jinka Museum
  • Excursion to Mago National Park


Day 1: Fly from Addis Ababa to Jinka, and then visit the Ari and Bena, people.

  • You will be transferred to the airport in the morning for your flight to Jinka. When you land, our Jinka staff will greet you and transport you to the hotel to check-in.
  • After lunch, you will tour local marketplaces and various Omo Valley tribes such as the Ari and Benna.
  • If time permits, you will also visit the Jinka Museum to gain a deeper knowledge of the indigenous tribes.

Night in Jinka (lodge/ Resort/ hotel)

Day 2: Excursion trip to Mago National Park for Mursi people, proceed to Turmi with a detour to Karo.

  • In the morning, you will go to Mago National Park to visit one of the Omo Valley’s most famous tribes, the Mursi.
  • In the Mursi tribes Lips, plates are typically worn by women to indicate whether they are single or married. A young unmarried girl will have her lip sliced and held open by a wooden plug until she becomes 15 or 16 years old.
  • Then proceed to Turmi, detour to the Karo peoples.
  • The Karo tribe is the smallest tribe in South Ethiopia, located near the Omo River’s banks. One of the most noticeable aspects of cultural tradition is the need to decorate themselves with vivid accessories.

Night in Turmi (lodge/ Resort/ hotel)

Day 3: Morning Explore Hamer Village then drive to Jinka – Return flight to Addis Ababa

  • The Hamer tribes, the most colorful and fascinating tribes in Omo Valley, will be visited in the morning.
  • The Hamar tribes of southern Ethiopia live in the bush-covered hills on the eastern side of the Omo Valley.
  • The Hamers, are a tribe with distinctive customs, such as a cattle-leaping ceremony that men must go through to attain manhood, after which young Hamar women are lashed to demonstrate their devotion to their relatives.
  • Then return to Jinka in time for your scheduled departure to Addis Ababa. Our arrangement would come to an end when you arrive back in Addis Ababa from Jinka.

—End of the 3 Day Omo Valley Tours Arrangement—

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